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Subscribe to our waste disposable nappy collection service for recycling!

PLEASE NOTE – We are at capacity on some of our collection routes. This means that we might not be able to add your location. If you subscribe, we will let you know as soon as we can. Thank you for your understanding.

The process

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Put your nappies out!

On the day of pick up have your waste diapers ready for collection.

~ We’re presently only available in metro-Melbourne in Victoria, but let us know if you’d like us in your state! ~

By subscribing to DiaperRecycle you will…


Keep your disposable nappies out of landfill


Reduce the amount of emissions caused by diapers in landfill


Be a part of the only disposable nappy recycling program in Australia


Help save our planet

In their first 2 years of life, a child uses around



Any disposable diaper will take

100 to 500 years

to breakdown

Around 2 billion nappies

go to landfill each year in Australia

This waste contributes to

climate change

What happens to the disposable nappies?

We separate the plastic and the fibre in our process. The high quality plastic goes to plastic recyclers. From the fibre we’re making a super absorbent cat litter. 

Our cat litter is half the weight of other fibrous litters, so will release less carbon. If your cat uses 1L of our litter it will save 1kg of climate changing emissions. It’s also flushable in most systems. And importantly – we’re extending the life of a waste and creating a new resource from it! 

Our cat litter was tested by Melbourne cats and it’s popular with catteries and domestic users.

Contact us if you’re interested in purchasing our recycled cat litter!

Are you a business, friend or a family member thinking about a practical and sustainable gift for new parents?