Frequently Asked Questions

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How will you collect our disposable nappies, what should we do?

Most of you will be asked to put your nappies out in a bag, however in some areas you will need to use a bin if your Council has requested this.

Please only put loose nappies into your bags, do not put smaller bags of nappies or the long noodle bags of diapers into the bigger bags.

When will you collect our nappies?

We collect by suburb and will let you know the regular day and approximate time we’ll be stopping by your house, once we have your address and are sure we can get to your place. Sometimes we need to wait until we get several subscribers in one area.

NB: As more people come on board and we confirm the pick-up routes, your day and time might change.

How often will you collect nappies?

Your nappies will be collected fortnightly.

What if I want to register for the waste collection service, but can’t afford the collection subscription fee?

We offer discount rates for households that group together for a pick-up from one address. Or, talk to us and we’ll see what we can do, or if your council is able to help you.

Is there a discount?

Yes! When you combine households to form a collection group you can get a discount. Everyone in the group leaves their diapers at one address for collection. Group rates are usually for one child each household, and the discounted rates, GST incl., are: 2 households $8.80 each household, 3 households $7.70 each, and 4+ households, $6.60 each.

Please check group rates with us because they can change. Each subscriber must register and pay separately using the address of the household where we’ll pick-up from.

Where shall we leave our nappies?

Please leave them on your property at the gate/letterbox/end of driveway, as near to the footpath as possible, and we’ll drive by and collect them very quietly and quickly. (Interestingly, in the time that we have been trialling this, no one has ever stolen a waiting bag of dirty nappies…..)

What if I want to make changes to my subscription?

You can make any changes online through the subscriber Login. Changes must be made at least 2 weeks in advance if you are changing your pick up address.

Why is there a fee?

We are a business, unlike a charity or not-for-profit that might have volunteers; and the reality is that recycling doesn’t happen at no cost, neither does your weekly rubbish collection, and all landfills charge too! Also, just like a courier service, we have fuel costs, drivers and other staff to pay, and we will need to charge for the products, otherwise we won’t have a service to offer you! It is expensive to set up and run a recycling plant, therefore it would not be viable any other way. (Or, if the service was free, we might receive the 2 billion nappies that go to landfill every year in Australia, and we wouldn’t be able to recycle them all!).

By recycling your nappy waste we’ll all be diverting it from landfill, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and helping towards preventing climate change. We’ll also be joining the circular economy and taking one used consumer product and recycling it into other consumer products!

Where can I buy the cat litter, and can I get a discount?

Let us know if you’d like to buy the cat litter. Our waste service subscribers will receive a discount on the cat litter and we’ll drop it off when we collect your nappies.

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