How it works

Sign up to subscribe to our waste disposable nappy collection service!

Image of a diaper bag on the door step of a subscribers house ready for collection.

Price & process for our waste collection service

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Step 1

Households* sign up for a weekly fee of $9.95 incl GST, for a week’s worth of diapers.

(You don’t start paying until we confirm your start date).

Step 2

The fee is paid every 4 weeks in advance, starting 2 weeks before your collection starts.

Step 3

Put the waste nappies out on your property on your collection day.

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Step 4

We collect your waste nappies fortnightly, on your regular day and time.

*Child care and aged care facilities  – please contact us using our Contact Us form

How to get a discount on your subscription

We love a discount!

We’re keen to keep our carbon footprint low, and you can help!

We offer a discount on the collection fee for households that join up to leave their waste disposable nappies at one address for pick up. Each household must subscribe separately, but please use the same pick up address. All fees are GST inclusive.

1 household $9.95/wk

2 households $8.80/wk each

3 households $7.70/wk each

4+ households $6.60/wk each

GUIDELINES – for the waste nappy collection service

Please read

When you subscribe to our service, you are agreeing to our guidelines, which are the rules for the waste nappy collection service that everyone needs to follow. Please read these carefully. Thank you!

  1. Only disposable nappies will be collected, please don’t include any other rubbish e.g. no metal or glass, no toys, no food items, no baby clothes, no car keys (!). Other rubbish affects the recycling process and our equipment.
  2. Please shake solid poo from the diapers into your toilet first. You don’t need to scrape the nappy perfectly clean, just shake off any solids into your toilet and flush away.
  3. No wipes! They are not recyclable and not good for the environment, please put them in your other rubbish bin.
  4. Fold and tab your nappies closed (after removing solids and wipes!).
  5. Biodegradable nappies or bags made with plant-based PLA plastic are not accepted. Plant-based PLA plastic is not recyclable and has to go to the rubbish dump. Ask us if you’re not sure!
  6. Please only put loose nappies into your collection bags, do not put small bags or long noodle bags of nappies into the bigger bags.

  7. Note your collection day and time, we cannot be held responsible if you miss the pick up.
  8. Follow our instructions on how, when, and where to leave your nappies. You’ll receive the information once we confirm we can collect from your address.
  9. If you plan to move house, let us know AND login and update your address on the website, at least 2 weeks in advance. We’ll need to change our pick-up routes and let you know if we can collect from your new address!
  10. Ensure your subscription payments are up to date. If your subscription is overdue, your diapers won’t be collected.
  11. Inform ALL your carers about these guidelines! Ensure everyone understands what to do and will follow these guidelines, to ensure your subscription is not cancelled.

You’re one click away  from recycling your disposable nappies to help build a sustainable future, for our planet and for future generations.

By clicking on the subscribe button, you are agreeing to these guidelines.

The parents who use our service are aware of the urgency of climate change, and have a strong sense of wanting to do good for the future and to leave the legacy of a healthy world for their children.