We’re diverting waste disposable nappies from landfill, and making a positive impact on our environment

A picture of the three founders of DiaperRecycle Melbourne

Our Story

DiaperRecycle is a startup disposable nappy recycling business in Melbourne, originally founded by Cynthia, Clarke and Oliver.

We take an active role in being smart about recycling and achieving a positive environmental impact from what we do.

We’re diverting used disposable nappies and continence aids from landfills and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. We’re joining the circular economy and recycling a waste consumer product into other products. Using our process emits 80.6% LESS carbon than putting this waste in landfill!

We can recycle baby diapers through to aged care continence aids. The plastic is for plastic recyclers and we’re using the fibre. Our first product for market is cat litter made from the fibre. Our fibre is also proven to be compostable using industrial composting, but we are concentrating on recycling only.

We aim to build several recycling plants in Australia, and we’re licensing our technology here and overseas. Contact us if you want to know more!

We’re totally proud of what we’ve achieved! It’s hard work, and just like in life there are ups and downs, but we love it. We invite you to follow us and join our journey!

Cynthia & Clarke


Help save the planet & build a sustainable future by keeping nappies out of landfill

DiaperRecycle is making an environmental & social impact by meeting these UN Sustainable Development Goals

UN systainable goal - good health and well-being
UN systainable goal - Gender Equality
UN systainable goal - Industry, Innovation and Infrustrature
UN systainable goal - Sustainable Cities and Communities
UN systainable goal - Responsible consumption and Production